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Pup has become spooky...any suggestions?

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Hey Guys,
Well, as most of you know, I have a 7.5 mth old BLF. She's been coming along really nicely and I'm having a ton of fun with her. :thumbsup: However, 3 weeks ago, she got bit by a husky-type dog at obedience class. She is fine...she had a fairly deep gash in her muzzle, some punctures and there was a fair amount of blood, but for all intents and purposes, she was more scared than anything.

Long story short, it was unprovoked (this dog doesn't like pups and she was within chomping distance), so we missed an "if you bug big dogs, you'll get bit" training opportunity. However, she was really spooked by it. I tried to not make a big deal out of it, so she wouldn't. I took her back to obedience the next day and have continued with it.

However, my dilemma is this...3 weeks later, she is still really nervous, even in situations outside of obedience class! Any thoughts on how to get her confidence back??? :huh:

I've been trying to take her to places where big dogs are and get her exposure to them in a "non-scary" situation. I don't react when she gets all spooky because I don't want her running to 'mom' everytime anything scary happens. It just sucks to see my once-so-confident pooch so nervous. :sad: On the upside, getting bit made FF seem like nothing and she turned back into her little 'spitfire-retriever' self the next day... :thumbsup:

Thanks in advance,
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I would just keep the confidence building like you have been doing....Sorry to hear of your trouble..I am sure with time that your pup will be just fine..
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