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Quack Pipe

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It looks like you chose the right field.
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Taken from the link........

"When they have that kind of debt, they go to the highest bidder," said Dr. Pat Halbur, chair of the veterinary department at Iowa State University. But Dr. Halbur said many of these grads don't realize they can make a good living in the country, noting that the average vet pay in a small Midwestern town is $75,000, compared to $65,000 in a bigger city."

QP, you could have saved a $100,000 and made more money being a telephone man.
Oh, yeah I forgot...

QP=welfare recepient.

just kidding, I am sure the pigs have a smile on their face when you leave.
Maybe so but you two do favor.

Something about the eyes.
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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