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Some people like the power hunter, and for good reason. It's light weight, it's durable, and its comfortable. I don't like it. I have hunted out of one several times, and didn't like how large the stubble straps were. You couldn't stuff something in them and expect it to stay. Now, if you used zip-ties, it may work. Another thing, I don't like having the gun outside the blind. The mesh is a big defect if you ask me. I find it hard to see through even when birds are close, I don't like feeling so closed in. The flip top was a nuisence. One good thing is how quick it is to set up, you can easily get it ready to shoot out of in less than a minute if you were really trying. I don't like how difficult it is to get in and out of the blind, especially with waders. I ended up taking the blind back, and spending a little bit more and buying the avery finisher. It is awesome. If you have a bass pro in your area, or if the have the sales in the online stores, around September 1st, they have the sale called the 'Fall Hunting Classic'. With that sale, they mark the field khaki avery finishers down to 150. You cannot beat that. I use field khaki and it is just as good as anything else.
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