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6 inches of rain ? Maybe more ? All the rivers are getting higher,no doubt they'll flood. Good bye duck food.
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Come on Grossy - don't be so pessimistic - 6" down your way doesn't hurt the Illinois at all as far as we are concerned. 6" in Chicago is a different story. So far the really heavy stuff has been north and west of there so it is going to the Rock River. If nobody up there gets a gully washer in the next 2 days we will be all right. I check the Il. River stages every morning. If you don't have it go to It gives you current plus projected levels. Doug uses the Beardstown stages. I think he can hold out to 14'. Right now we are holding at our place. We had a levee fixed this year but not sure what it will hold. 12' Havana level if we are lucky. We are keeping our fingers, toes, eyes and anything else that we can cross, crossed. have also said a word or two to the man upstairs (duck god if you will). Ric
Grossy - I just looked at the Sangamon also. Rain must of been south of there also. It is not going up so it won't flood you from the south side.
Sorry Grossy - East Central Il. got a gully washer yesterday afternoon. Sangamon River is going up 10 ft. Illinois River is backing up now. Going to 15 ft. Beardstown level. Sanganois will be under everywhere. Hope your blind is a floater and tied up well. Mother nature doesn't seem to like us duck hunters anymore.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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