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Re-painting decoys in the off season.

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Just wandering how many of us have been re-painting decoys to pass the time and stay involved? I've got a few dozen cheap Flambeau water keel mallards that just got converted to divers. Used a wire brush on them, then "flashed" them with a torch and then the paint. I used the plastic bonding paint "fushion". Made some Scaup drakes. Black, white and a little green overspray on the heads. Just need to get some light blue for the bills and paint the eyes yellow and they're done. They look pretty good.
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i got some cheap black ducks at walmart, that i am painting into scaup.
I always like to touch up birds on a hot afternoon while enjoying a couple cold ones. :thumbsup:
I just cleaned up my goose shells the other day. I could see that they are going to need some touch up.
Finished the "blue bills" today. The blue is a flat sky blue, not the perfect color of blue, but once I tipped the beaks in black they look pretty good. Also made 5 Buffle heads out of some used Flambeau mallards. The shape is off, but once they were painted, they look good. I guess they would be "magnum" sized buffles. Just trying to mix up the diver bag.
My only problem is that the fusion paint I used is satin finish. Too much shine in my opinion. Does anyone know where to get some "flat" clear coat ot "dull" clear coat?
When painting yer decoys, do Y'all just "wing" the colors, or do you go by a strict pic in some book?

I have a duck hard back book and a Missouri Conservation paperback that I use. I've also got a 20 page paperback "book" by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that I use. You can't replicate the exact markings with a spray can, but the majority of the colors you can get. To get perfect, you'de need to use an air brush, many colors and lots of time and patience. I won't put that much work into something I'm going to tear up hunting over.
I hear ya man!

I have read that if you paint yer decoys & they have a shine to them then you need to set them in the sun so they will fade just a little. Never have tried it.
I have done quite a bit of painting and still have much more to do before the fall arrives. I am also slowly in the process of burlapping a dozen decoys and will paint them as black ducks.
i brought up my painting style for Scaup (bluebills) in another thread not long is crude, but it works well and is cheap.

*****all serious decoy painters please do not read further**********

the following will get ya a nice working dozen scaup dekes for C-H-E-A-P.

-a dozen old paint worn Mallard Flams (if you don't have them..i'm sure someone around would be happy to give you theirs)

-2 cans each of FLAT white and FLAT black spraypaint. krylon is nice and cheap and holds up well enough. personally, i use a white and black primer instead of the flats..cheaper and no gloss at all to worry about. we go

-give them ol' Flams a good wire brushing to clean off the gunk and loose paint. (if you have any acetone or other degreaser around give 'em a wipe down with it....if not..don't bother)

-paint the entire deke black...let dry for about 5 minutes

-paint the "wing" area on both sides of the deke white..connect the two sides with a stripe across the back. essentially you will have an hourglass shape laying sideways across the back of the deke..though the wing areas ahould be fairly wide..covering the whole center third of the deke. (or maybe a little more)

rig 'em up and you are ready to kill some bluebills. (on those days when a decent duck isn't flying that is.)
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I use outdoor latex house paint on the herters foam decoys. I have also used the herters paint kits but found them to be quite expensive for what you get in terms of paint. Dont use oil based paint directly on the foam as it will cause it to eat the foam.
I cured my "shine" delima. I went to Hobby Lobby, in the crafts area, and picked up a rattle can of "matt" spray finish. Perfect for my newly painted dekes. Flattened the paint shine right out!

I think I finally got the pic thing figured out!
Anyway, here's what the dekes looked like after I painted them. They were Flambeau mallards.
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I think they look good :eek: They will work for ya
They look good to me! :thumbsup:

Thanks guys. I painted up 6 Blue's and 5 Buffles. Looking forward to getting more cheap dekes and converting them. Like I said before, the shape isn't perfect, but what the hey!
Just curious. What kinda dog do you got there?

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