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Recommended Arkansas Outfitters

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I am wanting to plan a trip to Arkansas to do a little duck hunting with my son. He is a fireman, so scheduling would be fairly easy as he works 2 on/4 off. Most guides pricing is about the same but would prefer recommendations based upon your experiences. I am currently thinking the Stuttgart area. Thank you!
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Hold up, didn't Jay say he was headed to NOLA with his new lady sometime early 2023?
😂 Damnit. I'll make sure to pack some azithromycin.
I thought it was Penicillin!!??
I thought it was Penicillin!!??
That will work, but the more commonly prescribed meds are azithromycin and doxycycline and azithromycin only requires a single dose to cure you, so you can get right back to bangin skanks.
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Let’s get back on topic. A dhc hunt in Arkansas or Louisiana.

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