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I guess it depends on if you have the time. Some guys think--if they are so close to see wether there are glass eyes--they is dead. It all depends. Some guys still use the basic light brown/dark brown for puddlers and blac/white for divers with little detail. Others are airbrushing ultra realistic detailing. I look at it this way--it is not worth alot of detailing if you are hard on the decoys. Much of the modern detailing on decoys is to sell decoys to the hunters-to catch the hunters eye VS the ducks eye if you will. And of course there is if you are interested in painting decoys as a hobby-an entirely different reason VS just having working hunting decoys to hunt over IMO.

I personally do some detailing on my custon Snows/blues Silos and Socks, but none on the stock G&H duck decoys that I use.

I each his own is my thoughts.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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