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like was stated; reloaded shells are much cheaper than factory, BUT your initial start-up cost will have you wondering. the cost of your reloader and accessories can be $200 or more for new equipments. Buying your components in bulk saves a lot of money. I shoot a lots of skeet, trap, and sporting clays. 8 - 10 boxes on a typical weekend. Roughly calculating cost of components, not figuring equipment. AA quality shells can be loaded for around $2.00 a box buying powder in 4lb bulk, 2500 wads/case, 10000 primers per case, and reloading hulls about 10 tens.
I can't say that reloading has saved me any money, I do know I can afford to shoot a whole lot more. I can reload 10 boxes easily in an evening and have expanded to reloading many other types of shells to the point I now have seperate reloaders for 12ga 3" steel, 12ga 2 3/4 skeet, 16ga, 20ga 2 3/4, and .410 2 1/2; plus 5 rifle cartidges and 5 pistol cartridges.

get you some good manuals and follow them religously, watch garage sales and ebay for deals on equipment, some of the bigger exclusive guns shops will sometimes have trade-ins on equipment at a discount also. good luck and good shooting
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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