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:cool: You can buy Kent hi-vel, Win 3" 1 1/8 BB @1550fps and Fed 1 1/4 bb @1275fps close out specials at $5.50 a box like I did. However;buy reloading,one can "custom" fit a load to his or her type of hunting need!!
A 1 1/8oz of #5 for decoys or maybe 1 1/8oz #2 for your ave. duck shot ; all c/o a 2 3/4" hull!! From 0 - 50 yards you don't need a 3" plus load to bag your game. If you do, its time you go to the TRAP range and learn how to place your pattern in the right spot; not just close enough to get the job done!!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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