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Reloading Classifieds

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Ok guys here is your reloading classifieds sticky. Like I said before please monitor your own posts and delete them when you no longer need them or let me know and I will delete them. Please limit the use of this to reloading components and choke tubes you are looking for to try out . Please don't post a list of components you have for sale here as that is what the regular classifieds is for. We will see how this works out.

If you are looking for a particular component and /or choke to try feel free to post up here but please use PM's to communicate with each other to make it easier to find things in this thread.

If this works out I will see if I can get it moved to the top of the page in the box with the rest of the announcements and pattern pictures.

I will start leaving adds here for 30 days and then delete them as no one seem to be removing their post as asked to do or letting me know they are no longer needed.
Thank You

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I recently got a Winchester 100 and now need some magazines. If anyone has any for sale please let me know via PM, the 100/88 in .243/.308 are the same.
RSI 20ga 3" Sam1 Wads. I picked up about 2000 of these on clearance and just don't shoot that much 20ga no tox. I'll like to sell 1000. Asking $60 and you get to pay shipping from 84604. That is about 30% cheaper than Bucks Run in bulk.

BPI Brass 10-20ga crimp starter 6pt. Perfect condition. $15 and I'll pick up shipping.
Wanted: 28 gauge and 410 bore dies for 600jr mkV.
Got the 12 and 20... If you have a complete press with either I'll consider that if the price is right..
I have 8 bags of Active wads marked 1 1/2oz appear to be orange in color. 25.00 per bag, buyer pays shipping.

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Less than 200 rounds reloaded on each, like new condition, Stored indoors in humidity controlled environment.
I still have the original boxes, manuals and extras (listed below)

Purchased from Ballistic Products in Corcoran, MN.

MEC 600 Jr. Mark V .410 - Paid $169.00

MEC SteelMaster 12ga 3-1/2" - Paid $263.00
Extras: Universal charge bar "C" - Paid $38.00
Super Crown Crimper Large Bore 6-Pt. - Paid $29.95 (a must for new hulls!)

I will provide photos later tonight/tomorrow. Would like to sell as a set if possible.

$500.00 value not including tax, $400.00 takes all.
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I've got a Mec 650 12 gauge progressive reloading press up for trade. It is in good working condition and comes with an an auto primer feed, powder buffer, 2 bottles, 1 1/8 charge bar, and a couple of bushings. I'm looking to trade it for steel reloading components. Cash plus trade is okay too. Thanks
65lb box of #8 magnum lead shot 90$ to your door. I make this stuff from recycled lead and add antimony for increased hardness. PM me if interested. Ive got lots of it.
Looking for once fired Federal 10 ga hulls :help:
7lb Bag of Hevi Shot #4 for reloading. Tested out density at just over 12g/cc. This stuff is now $230 at You can load up 1 1/4oz load for under $2 a shell. Compare that to hevi goose that is selling for $4 a shell. Asking $175 shipped to your door.
I want to trade Remington Wingmaster HD BB shot for Heavyweight 13 or Hevi-Shot in sizes #4, #5 or #6 shot. I will trade from 5 lbs up to 10 lbs of the Rem HD BB shot for the same weight of your High Density shot.

Send me a PM if you want to do a trade.


DELETE. Been 13 years!

Fire sale, ALL my reloading stuff is going. EDITED 12/15 with lower prices!

-BP Ranger Plus Wads. 4 unopened bags of 100, plus 100 that have been trimmed about 1/8" shorter. 500 total. $3 a bag
-290 BP CSD 078 wads, pre-split with 4 petals. $5 for the lot.
-163 BP CLBC (7/8 oz) wads, pre split with 4 petals. $5 for the lot.
Shipping on the wads depends on what you buy. I can get most of them in one box and ship for about $12.

Once-fired 3" Cheddite hulls. Used at the pattern range or to kill ducks with, so they may be dirty and some may have a speck or two of rust on them. In other words, some have been in the marsh. So, some ain't perfect. I have two boxes of them containing about 350 each. FREE! Just pay $15 a box to ship.

STEEL SHOT $15 for the lot plus $14.65 to ship.

new 10 lb bag #7 RSI
10+ lb jar mixed #7 steel shot
5+ lb RSI BBB
3+ lb #5 RSI

shoot me an email at [email protected] with what you want . Pay me via PayPal.
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EDITED: Here is what is left, besides what is listed above.

Big box of assorted hulls for your experimental reloading pleasure. FREE. $15 to ship.
133 3.5" Kent
86 3" Plastic unibody federal
26 2 3/4" plastic unibody federal
25 3.5" plastic unibody federal
21 3.5" yellow basewad Remington
9 3.5" gray basewad Fiocchi

Wanted: 12ga GEAP finishing head steel or brass doesn't matter. Preferably BN4.
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