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Rem. Hevi Shot, is it better than lead ever was?

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Is Rem Hevi Shot better then lead ever was at killing birds?

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Yes. Ballistically the hevi shot is heavier than lead and thus has a higher foot lbs of energy when striking a bird than lead does. But they do cost more than lead did. They do quite the number on geese though-like stone cold dead before they hit the ground. :hammering:
does it flatten out like lead or stay round like steel ?
The shot in both the rem hevi shot and the federal tunstin are made by the same company. The only diff in the two is that federal uses a thicker wad (fewer pellets) but to answer you question Hevi shot stays round and this seems to make the stuff pattern really good.

Stephen (goose hunter from Ontairo Canada)
I thought maybe it would flatten out and tear more than shoot straight through like steel.
hevi-shot is the real deal , its just like the old days , personaly i only use it on special hunt days ........i'm really into kent faststeel..........seems to pattern great in my beretta ..........jmike
I wont shoot anything but and am to young to have hunted with lead except my first year and at 12 I couldnt hit them anyway. But hevishot flat out is worth the price at the end of the day and you will save in the long run shooting less rounds to finish off cripples
Hi All

The hevi-shot is shaped like a tear drop--remains that shape through the choke.That shape is balistically better than a round pellet--combined with the density,it makes the best shot since we were mandated to shoot steel--non-leaded shot.

When we opened the first bag from Ballistic Products, I was flabergasted--it looked like junk swepted off the floor--#4 shot was on the bag--but the size was from #2 to #7 shot--a majority in the middle!This stuff cannot pattern worth a [email protected]!! Well I was dead wrong--it is tight--even with a wide open choke--and the downrange velocity and energy is unbelieveable!! We will have a further report after we use it for a few hunting trips.

Good Hunting

yeha i have shot a couple of boxes loved the shells but not the price. for buget hunters kinda pricey
incredible duck killers. i went to 2 3/4, #6, 1-1/4 shot to save my shoulder and have LOVED it. I finished up the season with a box from mama for Christmas and was amazed, as well as the guys i hunted with on the last day. it's way to expensive for me, so i'm hoping someone comes through again for me. It's definitely on my christmas list.

I would have to hit everything that I shot if I paid that much for those shells.
I havent had the best of luck with the remington shot and probably wont go back to it anytime soon. I have though had really good luck with the Kents fast steel the 1560fps have given me the best luck it is a solid shot. Best pattern i found to date also
I have tried the Hevi-Crap and have found that The 12ga Federal Premium steel and the Faststeel at 1550 work just as good at less than 1/3 the price. I have never lost a Goose that I can remember and have taken several in the 35-40 yard range with my #4's but most are within 50yds with #2 or BB. I have used BBB hunting Geese but I still try to let them work to within 50 yds before shooting. I have also tried T and F shot in my 10 ga but dead is dead and the 2's and BB's work just as good if you let the birds work the decoys. For my $$$ I will shoot Steel over any non-toxic available. and take home just as many birds as those SKYBUSTERS :thumbsdown: that think they have to shoot at every duck or goose that flies lower than the clouds and cripple / waste more birds than they take home.
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used this stuff on geese kicks hard and has a lot of power at 60 yards shot a goose and broke both wings killing him coyote dead. : :smile:
thats a heck of a shot waterfowlhunter 50 yards with steel 2s on geese.
#2's on Geese is the std with people I hunt with. at 50 yds and the choke I use I can get at least 8 to 10 hits on the goose with Federal Premium 3.5" and 1550fps. Never lost one. I see on the "take em 6" video that they are using steel # 4's for goose hunting in Canada and droping them just fine. If I am hunting ONLY geese I do use BB or BBB.
Can't say to may good things about the stuff, (well price). This is the first year that all I have shot is hevi shot for canada geese. I hunt over 70 deeks so most shots are under 35 yards but will let fly out to 50 yards. I pick up 5 boxes and so far out of 37 shell fired I have downed 34-35 geese.
Hi All

Regards hevi-shot-using wide open choke--the patterns are so tight that inside 30 yds it blows the bird apart--soup bird.

Outside of the 40 yds one has to learn how to shoot all over again--i never lead the bird enough---shooting geese in formation--was hitting the second one everytime--guess the birds were 70 + yds--but if hit they came down stone cold.Using #4 shot --some of the pellets went right through the bird.As matter a fact I have yet to find a HV shot pellet in a bird!

We bought the Ballistic Products kit and do our own reloading--cost--$1.40 / shell.Formula--1 1/8 oz #4 HV shot--29 gr of [email protected] 1330 FPS.

Is it worth the added cost?? It definately gets the results--either you miss all together or the bird is stone dead.It certainly has been fun trying the new shot--BUT MY SHOOTING WILL HAVE TO IMPROVE--Initially we went 11 for 11 shooting inside 50 yds---but as we stretched it out to 70 yds--we found our lead was very critical!Some of the shots we pulled off were spectacular--total tumble out of the sky---other shots totally missed.Rather dissappointing--but not the shells problem.

To sum up--they are too good to be true.Maybe too good for my shooting ability.This coming weekend we are going to pattern the shot--will let you know the results--the choke used and the gun and the density of the pattern at 50 and 70 yds.

Should be fun!

Good Hunting!

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Never actually tried it, and dont think i will for awhile. Pretty steep on the price tag and i aint exactly loaded. I can do the job well enought with my cheaper loads.
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