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Remote controls for Robo's

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I am trying to make a Robo and would really appreciate if anyone can tell me who the manufactures are for the remotes. Or even the serial number/make. I hear they are easy to make so I'll give it a try. But I just can not find where to buy a on-off wireless remote.

Thanks in advance,
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We use one for the "lucky duck". I'm not too sure how universal they are. It's a good thing to look into though, a remote really helps.
If you don't mind, what did you pay for the remote? or, did it come with the robo?

Why don't you try the Mojo remote I think they are like 40$$ at Cabelas if you have room, the remotes can be installed by anyone that has a bit of electrical background
You can purchase a remote controlled large drake from SIR sporting goods in Winnipeg,MB for 119.00 cad.Remote is good for 150 ft--the wings are aluminum and it comes with a carrying bag.

Look them up in Google--they are a mail order house.

a buddy and i both have mojos with remotes and they are worthless. the ducks are ok but the ducks have to be REAL close for the remotes to work
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