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repainting a boat

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Ok I have a couple of questions about repainting my jon boat. I'm in the process of sanding it down and this is where my first question comes to play. I have been doing the sanding with a handheld sander, I also have a angle grinder. I have tried a little of both and the angle grinder seems to make the aluminum more rough than the handheld. I'm using the same grit sand paper so I know thats not it. Both are 50 grit. Any advice on this?
The second question is paint and primer. Since I am sanding it down first do I need primer? and for paint i was going to use krylon, does anyone else have any different suggestions? Thanks for any help you might be able to give.
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If it's your duck boat, I'll agree with the previous answers. Only to add-
Aluminum will oxidize almost instantly. The resulting layer is very difficult to bond to. That layer needs to be removed prior to finishing, ideally with sanding. Scotch brite is plenty heavy. Most important thing is get it coated ASAP, as the oxidation is already forming. Use an etching primer for non-ferrous.
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