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repainting a boat

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Ok I have a couple of questions about repainting my jon boat. I'm in the process of sanding it down and this is where my first question comes to play. I have been doing the sanding with a handheld sander, I also have a angle grinder. I have tried a little of both and the angle grinder seems to make the aluminum more rough than the handheld. I'm using the same grit sand paper so I know thats not it. Both are 50 grit. Any advice on this?
The second question is paint and primer. Since I am sanding it down first do I need primer? and for paint i was going to use krylon, does anyone else have any different suggestions? Thanks for any help you might be able to give.
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Personally I don't get that aggressive with sanding and aluminum boat, especially if it's a work boat, or duck/fishing boat. I don't use vibrating or electric sanders on them either if they are riveted. The rivets can, and often do shake loose, causing it to develop leaks.
I sand over the loose areas, trying to get the flaky stuff off.
The other areas I lightly scuff. You can get aluminum primer and just spot prime the areas that need it.
I use Pettit Paint dead dull grass, so I'm not familiar with the other stuff. That's just my method.
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