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Retrieves bumper but not duck.

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Hi guys, I got a 1 year old fox red lab. I am a college student an got her last year over xmass break. I worked with her every weekend since my school is close. She is good on OB and we are working on steady. She loves retrieving bumpers and occassionally a pheasant but what I dont get is she will not retrieve a duck :huh: Why will she retrieve a bumper, duck wing, and bumper with duck scent but not the acually duck while Im hunting? Thought you guys might have some good insight on what I should do now that it is only goose season and Ill have plenty of time to work with her. she will go to the duck and mouth it but just doesnt retrieve it.

Thanks guys,

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Thanks for the info guys
I introduced her to a chukar very young and she loved it. She has put up over 50 pheasant this year while hunting. I think Im gonna FF her if she doesnt learn just from me real soon.
Thats fine I got plenty of time for her she is still young.
Thanks for the info Kwacker Ill give that a try.
Its not that she is bored with the duck it is that she doesnt bring it back to me she will stay next to it and just flip it up and down and just play with it.
No she hasnt been FF'ed she just turned a year old last month. Im trying not to FF since im in college and could only be able to do it on weekends. Unless that will give me enough time to do it then Ill consider it.
1 - 7 of 34 Posts
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