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Rice breast

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on the last day of the season i shot two mallards. I went to clean one of the birds and discovered it had rice breast. I have heard it is safe to eat but after seeing the meat and doing a little research, it did not make it into my freezer. I hate that the duck went to waste but i just couldn't stomach the thought of eating it. What does everyone else do with ducks with rice breast. How common it is(this was my first).
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I don't know if this link will work. If it does, here's a lot of opinions.
I've only ever seen it one time and I didn't eat it. I don't eat bugs if I can help it. If I don't see 'em, that's another story.
cjc said:
Duck meat makes great catfish bait. Rice breast meat would make it into my bait can. :hammer:
That, or the dogs bowl.
Emersonic said:
I also always get a couple per year and they're usually hollywood ducks. Always just thrown them away. I just cant bring myself to make gumbo out of them...
What's a hollywood duck? :huh:
Oh yeah, duh, I knew that. :fingerhead:
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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