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Rice breast

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on the last day of the season i shot two mallards. I went to clean one of the birds and discovered it had rice breast. I have heard it is safe to eat but after seeing the meat and doing a little research, it did not make it into my freezer. I hate that the duck went to waste but i just couldn't stomach the thought of eating it. What does everyone else do with ducks with rice breast. How common it is(this was my first).
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Here's a link to a pic, daffy...

I assumed Papa meant he'd cook it first. O course, if I was gonna go to all the trouble o cookin' it first, I'd just suggest ya serve it to the in-laws... :biggrin:
Nah, more often than not, there's just a few here and there. Many times you probably wouldn't even see it unless you slice the breast into strips. It just depends on how heavy the infestation is and how closely you're lookin'... :biggrin:
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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