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Rio Primers

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From: Carol Lister
Date: Mon, May 04, 2009 - 01:28 PM ET
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Congratulations on not having split your chamber yet, Longshot. Obviously you haven't read everything that matters on the subject. Quote of a letter on the subject from Alliant:

"I am Dick Quesenberry, Product Manager for Alliant Canister Powder. Ben and I have discussed your e-mails and problems with Rio primers and our product. I apologize for the difficulty that you have encountered and appreciate you using our product.
We just completed work for the new revision of our Reloaders Guide, which was very badly needed. During this effort we tested all primers in a standard controlled load for both straight wall and tapered shells to correlate their brisance. The following conclusions were drawn from that effort:

· Primer brisance will vary from Lot to Lot within the same brand. Most vary within SAAMI safety limits but Rio was found to be extremely variable.

· We do not publish reloading recipes using Rio primers for the above reason

I have also talked to Kevin at Down Range (who happens to be a great guy) and he agrees with our findings.

If I was forced into recommending load data using the Rio 209, I would have to recommend loading like the Federal 209A and that may still give slightly higher velocities and pressures. ...

Call them an verify if you care to; I don't make this kind of stuff up just to annoy people like you. BTW, the original inquiries involved Promo, Red Dot and Clay Dot.

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ohsay, I went back and dug out some old stuff I'd ran 2 yrs ago with RIO 209. The RIO seems to be load sensitive on all the tests I've done with Steel, & Red Dot Powder.

I did manage to work a nice 2 3/4" 12 ga 1- 1/16 oz steel with the RIO primer that averaged 1600 fps at 10,700 psi
ES= 1750 PSI
ES= 58 fps

I tested the RIO in the cleaver mirage hulls. One load worked out to be a nice load, that same load with one grain less powder was terrible .

For the Red Dot, I ended up with using a Downrange DR-12 wad, 1oz lead shot, in a sts hull average was 1201fps - 8684 psi

Thanks for the response. I've got 6.000 Rio's and I'm finding out you have to do your homework to find a decent load . I talked to Kevin at DownRange and he told me he tested some published loads that called for the RIO Primer and they came in HOT !!!

I just finished up some stuff and will be sending it off to get tested. This includes the RIO Primer with HS-6, in a 1 1/4oz and 700X in a 1 oz . both these are lead loads

I also duplicated one of these Internet special Dane loads, :bow: Hope it turns out better than the VP 60 & VP 53 wad did :lol3:

What prupose does shooting wads from a primed hull serve ??
sagebrush, win571 is the same as HS-7,

win 540 is same as HS-6
B&P wad OAL
TUWSBL24 ( 7/8 oz).. 1.640
TUWSBL28 ( 1 oz).. 1.640

HelarcoUS OAL
VP53 ( 7/8 oz ).. 1.780
VP60 ( 1oz) .. 1.725
VP65 ( 1 1/8oz)..1.655

Reloading Specialities OAL
Sam 1 ( 12ga 2 3/4")..1.635
Sam ( 12 ga 3" )... 1.920
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