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RNT Quackhead

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Where do I get an RNT quackhead from?

I dont see it on the net?
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ITs me again. Greekmetallican

I found the RNT quackead site.

Which one do I get?

The timber one,? Or the grey/ clear one?
I just noticed there is like 10 different ones...


Okay. I hunt ducks over open water, with a few cattails and stuff...

Which call is the best for me to get?

Welcome to the site. 1st a bit of advise. Edit your original post instead of posting three posts so fast in a row.

As far as the RNT quackhead, it can be found at

There are only two quackheads. The original and the timbre version. The original is very loud and for open water. It still sounds good quiet. The timber is softer and quiter. You won't get the loud ringing hail out of the timber. I blew both of them and picked up a timber, I really liked the soft sound it made. It really depends on what you hunt, if you don't need a ringing hail or highball call, I would go with the timber.

IMO....Get the one with the clear barrel with green insert. Original J frame I think. That one will run the whole scale. I like the timber too, but think a guy should learn on a fully functional call. I think the original is just capable of more.

I just looked it up myself. 32.99 I think. You may find it a little cheaper at your local sporting goods store, or Cabelas.
opps....i think i did something wrong....oh well, well the guys are right, go for the timbre
I have used the quakhead j-frame for 2 years. Its a single reed poly call that you can get at for 25$ Its fairly easy to blow and is loud, great for open water, but gets down and dirty when you need it to. A great all around call.
Wal-Mart carries a few quackhead calls now days. I know they carry the goozilla and at least one of their duck calls, but I'm not sure which one.
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