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When hunting in Idaho I have seen this a bunch. I don't even use them any more after about the second or third weekend because I think ducks get wise to them too I have had a rough time getting ducks to make the final landing gear lowering comitment with spinners later in the season. I think geese start to avoid them like the plague especially in places where they see them a bunch. Remotes are usefull for sure attract them from a distance then turn 'em off.

I use them to be able to compete with other hunters early on, but I do not like spinners in general. Call me old school, But I way prefer jerk cords, good sets, good calling, and other aquired skills to the other junk. I think You need at least one spinner to compete now days. If the guy across the pond has one you had better have one too (early on for sure) I had a rough year without them when they first got hot. Now I run two on remotes when I have to.

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