One dozen Giant Sand Hill Crane windsocks, with custom painted heads by Jim Jones (the other Jim Jones) who if I am correct started Sillo Sock decoys decades ago. These decoys are approx 42" from head to tail and are mounted on a very stout 3/4" wooden dowel approx 42" tall. The bodies are a nylon type material I think but they don't tear easily and don't require a lot of wind to get moving. I doubt you've seen anything like em and it kills me to get rid of them but I'll never use them here in Pa. and I'll probably never get out west again so they have to go. A few of the decoys have some small holes around the neck but it doesn't impact performance at all. The heads are in great shape as I always had a sock over each head for protection. Never hunted over but set up in the back yard for a few pics. P.M. here if you want pics or need more info.