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Awoke Saturday morning to a downpour BUT being dedicated (or as my wife says "INSANE") duck hunter I decided to go out and try my luck anyway. Hunted Brooklin again this weekend with my brother BUT last minute we decided to move to a different location then our usual spot after hearing list reports that the Eiders had not yet been appearing in large number in the inner bays. Glad we did, because at sunrise we were literally surrounded by ducks and I thought for awhile I was going to have to beat off with the butt of my gun. Between the two of us we must have fired off close to 20 rounds of ammo in less than 15 minutes. We ended the barrage with our limit on Butterballs and several near misses on a few really nice golden eyes. (Hey that is close to a 50% hit ratio! HAHA) I had one BEAUTIFUL shot that picked this butterball out of the sky at around 30 yards that will be one I remember for a LONG time! (REMEMBER I can't hit the broad side of a BARN!!) Made my entire season!!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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