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Hunted San Luis Refuge Saturday. There was a high ceiling fog and no a slight breeze later in the morning. Temp seemed pretty mild. not a lot of action right off the bat. Lots of ringnecks and a few spoonies with an occasional teal. I got a mallard for the first bird and would not shoot the ringnecks or spoonies. About 8:30 the Teal started coming in from the North. It was like the gates were opened. Flock after flock. :thumbsup: I shot 5 in about 20 minutes. I wanted to get another mallard for my last bird so I went out of the spread and relocated with a couple of decoys and the robo. Aften an hour of waiting for the big one :pissed: I got tired of swatting the teal away. Went back to the spread and waited for a big bird for another half hour. Things started to slow big time so I finished off another teal and packed it in. Good hunt. Most people checking in with teal, spoonies and the occasional mallard.
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