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Sauvie Island strategy

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This will be my first season hunting out at Sauvie Island and I'm wondering what would be a better strategy: head out to the North Unit right away, or go to the Westside Unit and try to get drawn for one of the blinds, then head to the North Unit if I don't. I suspect it will depend on the number of hunters that show up, but since I've never hunted there, I don't know what to expect.

I've scouted out the area for the past couple of months and have an idea of which sites on the Westside I'd choose. While I was out there, I talked with a guy who has worked the check stations for the past few years. He gave me some tips on how birds come into the some of the ponds, but we didn't discuss the hunting pressure. I've also found a spot in the North Unit and built a stick blind there last week.

Does anyone have any experience with hunting the North and Westside units at Sauvie Island? What's your strategy or what would you suggest I do? Thanks.
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I am new to the waterfowl hunting game, this only being my second season. I would be happy to learn all you are willing to teach about Sauvie. I haven't hunted there yet, being fortunate enough to be invited along to private clubs. I have about 20 hunts or so under my belt, and I am really hooked.
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