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This topic is not duck hunting related ....but.....

I have a 1500 gallon water pond I put in myself 12 years ago. Got a helluva waterfall system and additional flow through a 55 gallon drum filter. Keep the waterfall flowing year round. Gotta keep a little patch of open water open so poisonous gases don't build and kill the fish. Never had a problem in 12 years - waterfall always ran even though on some cold spells you couldn't even see it for all the ice over the waterfall. Well.......luckily, I caught the waterfall cutting in and out. turns out that even though the pond looks full, based on the thick ice cover up to the brim, I've been losing water and the water level was actually about a foot below the main ice cover. Turns out (I think/hope) that the smaller hose to the 55 gallon drum and drum itself froze up and caused me to lose water. The drum itself is a sight to see all ice covered; it's behind the 5 foot waterfall/rocks so you can't see it unless you make a big effort to get back there.

So....had to run to Home Depot and get a new garden hose (mine are all froze up) and fittings to attach it to an indoor faucet for hot water to melt ice to figure the problem out and fix it. Been a fun evening, but I think I got her solved. I hope.

It is cold out, gentlemen. Can't wait to try out this new field tomorrow.
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