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Sea Duck Hunting Maine....Need Help!

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I moved to Maine last year after living in Delaware most of my life. I am used to hunting in marshes for puddle ducks and I need some guidance on hunting Sea Ducks in Maine.

I live close to Bar Harbor and have no idea where to go. I have a 17ft Polar craft center console with a Mercury 45 Jet motor and I'm not sure if it's enough for sea duck hunting.

Where the heck do you buy decoys for this?

I would really like to get started sea duck hunting this year so if anyone can help me out I would appreciate it.
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:welcome: If you live in the Bar Harbor area you are in the heart of eider country. I grew up on Frenchmans Bay. If you send me a pm I will give you info on where to go in that area. As far as your boat , it will work , just keep a close eye on the weather. This is big water and no place for inexperince, things can turn ugly FAST. But your boat will get you started. As for decoys, to get started L.L. Bean carries the carry-lite brand and will get you in the water and hunting. Also Pickards sportin goods in Brewer maine usually has them on hand. The season is just around the corner.
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