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Sea Duck Hunting Maine....Need Help!

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I moved to Maine last year after living in Delaware most of my life. I am used to hunting in marshes for puddle ducks and I need some guidance on hunting Sea Ducks in Maine.

I live close to Bar Harbor and have no idea where to go. I have a 17ft Polar craft center console with a Mercury 45 Jet motor and I'm not sure if it's enough for sea duck hunting.

Where the heck do you buy decoys for this?

I would really like to get started sea duck hunting this year so if anyone can help me out I would appreciate it.
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You guys know I really like Herters dekes ALOT....However, their eider decoys are not too good....the head is just a puddler head painted "sortuv" like an eider........CaryLites are okay I guess and there is another manufacturer from Italy I think (they seem to be the same as the CaryLites' mold)..........The best eider dekes are hand made though. Cost is not always huge although, for example, to make a set of eight silo sleds you'll spend a Saturday morning and about $30 depending on wood costs.....then there are burlapped foamers which will cost about $120 per half dozen. You can PM me for further details on that issue if interested.

welcome to maine and the forum....we have a very active participant group here.....and some excellent gunning opportunities!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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