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I know there is a forum for it, but figured i'd ask some people in my state. I want the opinion on ammo, I am debatin the new hevi-metal with blackcloud and kent. I have shot kent for years but lately have seen too many birds somehow get away with half their feathers missin.
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This year i have shot Kent 3" 3's 1 1/4 oz. and they where by far my best load. I have also tried Black cloud 3 1/2 2's and 4's 1 1/2 oz. the fours where worthless and the twos shot ok. I just picked up a box of Hevi- metal 3 1/2 3's 1 1/2 oz. ill let you know how they shoot when i get back from my trip this week. I'm sure you already know, you need to get out there and pattern your gun each gun patterns different and each shooter has there favorites. Also try Carlsons choke tubes i switched from kicks high flyer .
soggy, Did you happen to cut open an Expert? i did and they were nasty, not only were they different size a lot of them weren't even round some were flattened and oval. by the way for the swan i used win. drylock BBB to kill mine this year. I had hevi shot 1 1/2oz #2s and they wouldn't even sweat em.
I'm with ya on that one, i patterned some experts and they cut the paper instead of going straight through. the kents on the other hand were vary consistent shot and patterned well and 2 to 3 dollars more a box is worth it to me.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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