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I know there is a forum for it, but figured i'd ask some people in my state. I want the opinion on ammo, I am debatin the new hevi-metal with blackcloud and kent. I have shot kent for years but lately have seen too many birds somehow get away with half their feathers missin.
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Here we go I gonna let the cat out of the Bag...... 3" or 3' 1/2 Winchester Xpert High Volicity 1550 fps in BB's out of Patternmaster Choke Tube. There is no need to waste all that money on other brands. I learned many seasons ago to find one brand of shell (the speed of the shell is the most importance) this way your leads will be forever in your mind. If you go buy a different box of shells every time you go to the field........ 1300fps, 1425fps, 1550fps, 1625fps...... you are wasting time and money. Your leads change every time you buy a different speed shell. With all of that said BB's @1550fps out of tight choke will kill birds stone dead :hammer: . When I say birds I mean teal, woodducks,mallards,ringers,reds,Bbills,sholvers,sea ducks,canada geese, snows, swans and any thing else you can think of. Knowing your gun and your ablity to shoot is key to the hole.......thing, if you cant shot, the $40 a box shells are not gonna kill them on their own. Yes these shells will [email protected] sure do the job but why buy 1 box when you can buy 2 or 3 of the other at the same $.Hey look at it this way .. if your gonna miss, miss with the cheap stuff. this dang sport cost enough as it is already. And that my friends is all i have to say about that. :wink:
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