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why would your dog know that you want it to pick up the first bumper it comes to???? your pointing at a pile of them, so if she picks up the one in the back or the one in the front it's not because you did anything right or wrong, it's just what she wanted to do, you want her to pass on one, or pick up the first one? try spreading them out, making her get the first one, if she passes it stop her and bring her back, if you want her to pass it you need to use a command like leave it right before she grabs it, and make her keep going to the next one, but that's not realy a pile drill, during a pile drill I put them in a pile, like touching, laying on each other pile, and never found a need to be selective in the pile, I think your wanting to teach leaving a cold bird, more of a lining or leave it drill, not pile drill ??
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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