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I have some Chokes for Sale all are new in Packs never been used,
Northwind Duck Choke-Mossberg Ulti-Mag-$19.99+Shipping
Northwind Duck Choke-Invector/Winchoke-$19.99+Shipping
Remington Express Choke Upgrade-includes 1-Full lead/steel 1-Imp.Cyl.
Speed Wrench and 1 oz Rem Oil-$24.99+Shipping
I also Have 1-New Duck Commander "Mule" DC 747-$7.99+Shipping
1-used slightly Sean Mann Express Duck call in Adv.Wetlands Camo-$19.99+Shipping Just cant seem to use it right.
Shipping Charges arent much on these items,I sold the Guns I had these Chokes For bought a Benelli,never used em,HRL
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