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Should the feds lower our daily bag limits

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With all the talk about the loss of CRP land on the nesting grounds, should the feds go ahead and lower the daily bag limits before the loss of habitat takes its toll on the duck #'s?

I'm not sure how long the loss of nesting habitat will take to make an impact, but I'm pretty sure it won't take long.
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i dont think there is anything wrong with the limits set forth for us. i do however think that there should be better enforcement of the rules. the limits are already low enough as it is, and we as ethical hunters are not posing any harm to the waterfowl population. more birds are killed every year due to natural predation and habitat loss than hunters
jokes on you pintale, i killed far more than 2 limits this year. i didnt shoot a limit of birds everytime out, but killed my share.
I agree EB&D i killed a whole lot more birds this year than last and more birds than any since the 2003 season in NC. 2003 was the year that I started huntiing in NC and was a great season. after that it seemed to slack up a little bit. last year it picked up some, but this year it seemed like there were birds all over the place. may days i killed limits and many more i should have but didnt shoot the best in the world. I did put in a whole lot of time a whole lot of effort this season, probably 3 times as much as any of the others so that could have been my big improvement right there. but it just seemed to be more ducks than years past.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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