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Should the feds lower our daily bag limits

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With all the talk about the loss of CRP land on the nesting grounds, should the feds go ahead and lower the daily bag limits before the loss of habitat takes its toll on the duck #'s?

I'm not sure how long the loss of nesting habitat will take to make an impact, but I'm pretty sure it won't take long.
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Drop Zone said:
pintaleslayer said:
i agree more habitat is needed that's for sure but habitat should mean more food......the Atlantic flyway especially north carolina has lost the food ducks need too all reality ducks don't even know were NC is anymore cause there isn't any thing here too hold big # of birds......
There is plenty of public hunting land that has very little food on it. If we improved the habitat we already have we would be doing way more for the ducks than we would by lowering the bag limits.

there isn't enough habit that has food on it....whats the # of acreage of public lands in NC.....
pintaleslayer said:
there isn't enough habit that has food on it....whats the # of acreage of public lands in NC.....
I think you misunderstood my comment. I didn't mean we had plenty of land...I meant there was a lot of land that was not being used to its potential.

And Crash...what's the point??? The point is we should do everything we can to SOLVE to problem. We (all hunters) CAN implement my theory if we wanted to spend a little more and work a little harder....but I guess the REAL root of the problem is that there a too many lazy slobs that call themselves hunters.
Drop Zone said:
And Crash...what's the point??? The point is we should do everything we can to SOLVE to problem.
How do you suggest we solve losing 4.5 million acres of breeding grounds. This thread has nothing to do w/ our wintering grounds.

We can blame all of this on the clean energy scam. :mad: ... 75,00.html
Crash, I agreed we need to reduce the bag limits, temporarily, but I added that we need to do waaaayyy more than we currently are to protect and improve the habitat we currently have. I'm not sure why you are arguing against me on that. It does have relevency in this thread b/c it is the problem that brought you to start this thread. The declining waterfowl population will not be stopped by reducing the bag limits alone, and if we do not work harder and spend more money to protect the habitat we do have then eventually we will have to reduce our bag limits to zero. All I am saying is that in order to solve the problem we have to attack it at the root, which is working harder, raising more money and spending it on protecting and improving the habitat we already have....that way we don't have to reduce bag limits again, and again. I wasn't trying to hijack your thread or piss you off, just adding a very relivent point. It's an obvious point but one that most hunters are not taking seriously enough.
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And by the way, this thread is about reducing bag limits...and the reason for reducing bag limits is b/c the waterfowl population is declining, which has everything to do with our wintering grounds and our habitat here in NC, and everywhere in between.
DZ, Sorry but I'm not arguing w/ you, nor have you pissed me off. I'm not even sure how you got either of those impressions.

I am well aware of what can be done in this state to improve our wintering grounds. The NCDU guys along w/ Shawn Koyman, introduced "NC Sound Care" which keeps a certain amount of $$$ here in NC. That was a big step in the right direction. Before, all of the $$$ raised was going to the PPR and other flyways. The Atlantic Flyway recieves the least amount of $$ from DU vs. other flyways.

But the main focus when starting this thread was to see how we plan to attck the problem of losing 4.5 million acres of breeding grounds. So far there has been no solution provided to that question.
Are you saying that all 4.5 million acres will not be re-enrolled?
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