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shoveler decoys?

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any body own anyof these new shoveler decoys from greenhead gear? they look pretty nice to me, call me stupid, but are shovelers divers or puddlers, i havent looked at my identification book ina long long time, would they be good to have in a spread or are they even necessary
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The Smiling Mallard is definately a puddle duck

Yup you had better read up and on your duck id skills :umm:
i figured it would be a puddler becauseit had the shovel looking bill for foraging through foliage, i wasnt sure though :withstupid:
Next year i'll have a half doz of those Greenhead gear Shovlers added to my spread... They do look awsome, except the drake seems to look like e could bite your head off at any minuite.... O well I don't think the ducks will mind.

I bought a half dozen this year and probably doubled the amount of birds that decoyed into my spread. The silhouette of the decoy from far away looks amazingly realistic. The colors on the drake are bright and brought ducks in from far away. Shovelers with a couple teal on a jerk and a pintail in the mix is a deadly combination. We shot three limits using this combinations and all were ducks that decoyed. I'm also considering painting my mojo with shoveler colors. If u mainly have shovelers in the area it's a must have.
I have 2the dozen tanglefree shovelers, good looking decoy. Make sure you clear coat them, wether you go ghg or tanglefree, if you are going to be rough on them.
I have a half dozen in my spread. they work great the GHG ones have a white chest and it really pops out in my spread. They make your spread very visable from a long distance
I bought half a dozen GHG eight years ago. I seldom use them.
Shovelers decoy to anything. If I want white in the spread, I put out pintails.
(by the time the shoveler drakes are in full breeding the decoys are...they have long since left my state)
I'd save my money for the new GHG Gadwalls............

Are shovelers good to have in the spread? I'd say "no", but they aren't necessarily bad, either.
Are they necessary? Hardly.

If you live in Louisiana, where you have a chance at shovelers in full plumage, they might work better than they do north of the Gulf coast.
Don't take this the wrong way, but do you guys really target Shovelers?

If so, please share the reason.
I put them out in a ratio of the kind of birds I shoot so if I normally shoot 5 spoonies and 2 teal, I would put out more spoonies than teal and maybe, maybe a pin or too

It really all depends on wear you are
Just curious as to how y'all found a thread that is 9 years old... Haha
Geauxtigers1421 said:
Just curious as to how y'all found a thread that is 9 years old... Haha
Wow, I never even noticed that. Pretty wild.
Geauxtigers1421 said:
Just curious as to how y'all found a thread that is 9 years old... Haha
It's called using the search function. I honestly would rather see a few old threads brought up by newbies rather than them make a new thread and post it in the wrong section.
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