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An elderly gentleman approahes the "new" arrivail at the Nursin' Home, she's a real looker & probabally still has most of her own teeth. He introduces himself & informs the lady that he's the" resident gigalo". The old gal just blushes a bit & shakes his hand. The man wastes no time...

Well ma'am, I am very affordable, for $5.00 I can bring you to ecstacy in that rockin' chair over there... for $10.00 I can do the same on that couch over there & for $20.00 we can go to my room where I'll have candle light, play soft music, pour champange, whisper sweet nuthin's & make you scream, moan & shutter with pleasure all night long.

The widow funmbles with her coin purse for a few minutes, takes off her shoe & slips her hand into her bra. The man confused a little asks her if she is okay & she replies yes I'm fine I just thought I had a $20.00... she found it saftey pinned to her girdel.

The man says well I guess I need to go to my room & get everything ready then. The lady says **** that... you owe me 4 times in the rockin' chair!!!

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