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snow geese

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I was thinking about going to Arkansas and hunt some snow geese in the conservation hunt and was wondering where the majority of the snow geese are at right now. If anyone knows if there is enough for me to come and about which part of the state they are in I would appriciate the advice.
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In Southeast AR they are EVERYWHERE right now. If you go to the areas where beans and rice are farmed you are sure to see thousands and thousands. PM me and I will let you know if I have any roosting in my family's fields...If you have equipment to hunt them I would love to hunt with you. I have the land...just no equipment.
Here is a bean field they were using a week ago...they were there every morning. :thumbsup:
WhiteRiverguy said:
In Southeast AR they are EVERYWHERE right now.
And that is true, they are EVERYWHERE
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