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Snows Geese mounts?

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Hello...fellows i'm new to the forum...i'd like to say everyone..does any of you guys wanna share some snow goose pics.., i have a pair i wanna get mounted....i was thinking standing or tornadoing down.....thanks...Honkers 41
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:welcome: wish we could hunt snow geese here
Some of my most recent inside my taxidermist's studio, and a picture of his snow goose collection...

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ramsey, :welcome: great pics!
Great pics! Are those pics of his showroom at the shop?
Nice studio! Looks like my wall. :thumbsup: Pete
Well it's august and my mounts done..i'm picking it up on Sunday....i'll post a pic....i think Sean did a great job....Honkers41
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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