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Hey fellas I get the pleasure to visit your state and hunt some snows in a few weeks. I am very excited for this hunt I have been keeping an eye on movement the best I can but haven't heard much. I know with this weather things have for the most part been held south but just checking to see if there is any movement in the state
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Thanks for the update I've been talkin with some guys back in the Midwest tryin to keep an update the best I can. This is my first guided hunt for snows. I have hunted them on my own when I lived in Utah and did pretty well for the amount of birds the state received. I hope to venture on my own next year. I have a small spread and building now.
Cool I'm waiting very impatiently for my date to get here the 20th of March is my first day of my hunt looking at the weather and bird numbers I'm hoping it will be pretty decent
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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