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So ya want to volunteer to do some banding

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I dont know if Im being fed a line of crapo superemo but I was making some inquiry into the possabilty of assisting DNR with banding here in NS.
Well instead of sure "love to have some help" what i got was,
Due to safety /insurance issues the DNR is not inclined to enlist the help of volunteers. Anyone else ever try?
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I've never tried but always thought that most banding of waterfowl was done by volunteers or university students who were taking a major in biology.
heck thats what I thought as well- certainly seen enough pics of kids and what I thought was voluteers banding.
Do me a favour and contact the NSDNR and tell them your interested in volunteering for banding eider ducks a nd see what kind of a response ya get and let us know
Id be interested to see what they say too. I think it would be fun to learn 'bout fowl that way :thumbsup:

I just got off the phone from talking with our local DNR and they informed me that the banding of waterfowl is done by volunteers throu the Federal Wildlife Agencey and that the program of banding birds on the Belleisle Marsh has been discontinued for this year and next as the birds are not nesting there much. The person you need to contact is Randy Hicks at 506-364-5031. If you cannot get him call the main office at 506-364-5044. I hope this info is helpful to you. :thumbsup:
certainly is helpful because the guy I talked to said nope we use our own people due to insurance liability issues. thanks for Diggin around
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