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Soccer Fans?

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Is there anybody keeping up with either Euro or national soccer?
just wondering, im a diehard fan.
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I'm kind of leaning towards portugal (ronaldo fan), but I'm happy as long as Italy doesnt win ...I HATE Italy.
I've been impressed by the US lately in their national games, I'm ready for world cup.
a real sport like what? golf? baseball? soccer is the most popular sport in the world. lol. it's more of a "sport" than any other sport.
DuckSlyer16 said:
anyone watch club ball, arsenal, man u, liverpool or real madrid??? anybody??
I usually try to keep up with manchester. i've been busy this year and didnt see much though.
:lol: ok, what's your sport? what do you think a sport is? i enjoy football. it's a great sport. basketball, im not crazy about it, but it's a good sport.
baseball, i played it for years and got bored. it's one step above golf.
i just would like to know why soccer is Not a real sport?
Botiz630 said:
Its all baseball for me. It is true that you run much much more in soccer than probably any other sport, but picking a sport based on the amount of running involved doesnt make sense to me.

I cant stand soccer and I cant understand how anyone enjoys it. Why would I want to watch a soccer game when they play for 90 minutes and are lucky if they score once? You would think that when they invented the game they would have realized that it was so boring and just let it die. But there must be something about it cause millions of people cant be wrong right? Sure.


And football is not bad. I like college more than NFL
I understand that its not for everyone. but soccer takes a certain skill. you have to have finess and in a split second be able to run somebody over. every other sport is a spinoff of soccer.

i've played soccer for seven years and i have a long way to go. oh, if we're gonna talk about scores, baseball is not the example to use. they score about as much as soccer does! and even football! if we counted each goal as 6 points that score would be the same.
the funniest thing to me was when the baseball team at my highschool (who go to state every other year) would bash the soccer team. like we were not on the same level as them, but they would never play with us. they might have gotten hurt. :rolleyes: the football team loved it. they practiced with us all the time. (even though they were not that good :huh: ) but im no football player. but im a college fan.

i like other sports and i play them, but i dont think someone should bash a sport they've never tried or even understand. like you said, it has millions of players and fans, there's a reason people like it. give it a try, and i promise you'll be hooked.
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yep, in fact we've converted a few players from the football and even one from the baseball team.

our next game is monday.
DuckSlyer16 said:
are you in club ball or school ball??
club, it's an indoor men's league
lol. agreed
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