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Soccer Fans?

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Is there anybody keeping up with either Euro or national soccer?
just wondering, im a diehard fan.
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SPAIN all the way, Fabregas is going to lead them!

anyone watch club ball, arsenal, man u, liverpool or real madrid??? anybody??
ya, soccer players run so much more than any sport that is not based off of running, like track which is really boring
the football team really played with you?? ours wont even look are way, but that is because we pratice 3 miles away, so...but they bash us all the time.

ahhh speaking of soccer I have a game tonight!!! execpt my team is really good so we have to drive three hours away to play a another good team, so the entire night is consumed by soccer.
yay, a smart guy right there :lol:

Botiz where you from??

we won are game 4-1 if anyone cares, and now we get another game tomarrow which since I got back so late, would be today!
1 - 7 of 23 Posts
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