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Soccer Fans?

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Is there anybody keeping up with either Euro or national soccer?
just wondering, im a diehard fan.
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Dont tell me you guys like soccer...Why dont you forget about that and focus on a real sport.
Golf...also not a real sport.
Your defense for liking soccer is because it is the most popular sport in the world? Well Islam is the most popular religion in the world, you gonna run out and buy yourself a turban now?

Im just messin' with you man. If you like soccer, more power to you.
Its all baseball for me. It is true that you run much much more in soccer than probably any other sport, but picking a sport based on the amount of running involved doesnt make sense to me.

I cant stand soccer and I cant understand how anyone enjoys it. Why would I want to watch a soccer game when they play for 90 minutes and are lucky if they score once? You would think that when they invented the game they would have realized that it was so boring and just let it die. But there must be something about it cause millions of people cant be wrong right? Sure.


And football is not bad. I like college more than NFL
Oh, dont get me wrong, I have had my fair share of soccer. My younger brother was an All-Stater and Player of the Year for his division when he was in high school, and now he plays at the University of Dayton, an NCAA DIV I school in southern Ohio. Ever since he could walk, its been nothing but soccer around my house. Well all sports really, we play them all. I have been to more soccer games then alot of people, even used to play when I was younger. Maybe I got too much of it. But like you said, to each his own. We could sit here and argue the merits of our favorite sport all day. Lets just agree to disagree. :thumbsup:
Good luck with your game on monday. You better win!
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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