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Soccer Fans?

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Is there anybody keeping up with either Euro or national soccer?
just wondering, im a diehard fan.
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yay, a smart guy right there :lol:

Botiz where you from??

we won are game 4-1 if anyone cares, and now we get another game tomarrow which since I got back so late, would be today!
Veber Deutchland!!!.Soccers great to watch.I diddent pick it up as a kid we played baseball all the time,That diddent make my grandpop to happy,he played on the German national team before comming to America in the early 20s,he then started his own league here in the US.I remember having to hold the UHF antenna when I was a kid so he could watch the games.
The US got SCREWED the last 2 world cups with the officiating.That hand block in japan against the Germans and the BS penalties against Italy in Germany was complete BS.The powers that be wont let the Americans win at their sport.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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