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SOLD...WTS 14' Mod V with 24hp Honda Longtail and Blind

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SOLD...Polarkraft MV 1468 LW

The perfect duck/fishing boat. The boat is a modified V with stenciled paint.
It is 14' w/ a 48" bottom and the beam is 68", and has an 825 llb capacity.
Includes grass blind, 2 live wells, 2 dry storage compartments,
6 seat bases installed in aluminum carpeted floor/deck.

The motor is a '02 24 HP Honda longtail mudmotor(4 cycle, electric start),
new prop, heavy custom trailer(newly sanded, primed, painted)(the pic shows it before I refinished it),
bow and transom trolling motor hookups, interior lights, cigarette lighter with electrical switch box,
bilge pump, gas tank, flotation pods, two heavy custom vinyl covers for blind off and on.
$4150. Only selling to get a bigger boat. Everything works great!
Prefer not to separate motor and boat.
Its loaded, and ready for the water!

Email me @ [email protected] or call 920.360.5115. Located in Green Bay, WI.

This is an old pic to show the blind closed. The grass on the blind is not painted like you see in the pic below.
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What a sweet rig. . . curious how the 24hp does with this boat. Dang shame you live WAY up there!!! Hey, do you think Brett Farve has already moved all his crap south? Maybe he could add your rig. . .
Hey Brian, that was me - I bought a rig this weekend. I was just telling you - but, the purchase has not been totally finalized - so I deleted it.

c ya man,
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