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Decided to put a ruffed grouse onto my bobcat leaping up after a bird, to finish the entire cat mount. Was interesting.

It was an Oct 1 grouse and was quite a young one too, and full of new feathers. I didn't believe I'd ever find anything thinner than an early green wing teal, but this grouse was like a eiders skin compared to a teal or maybe a single ply of wet tissue paper from a public bathroom.... LOL

Finally I finished the bird in the afternoon, and then the feathers began. Wow - I have to admit there are a jillion feathers and patterns to align on this bird too. Now it's carded and happy, but by golly-gee-whittaker - that is one of the last ones I'll do... :rolleyes: Maybe I may try one from December to compare the two, but wow - it was eye watering, no puddy, sea duck or pheasant was even close to this. :crying:

Anyone else ever experience the occasional "impossible" bird...

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