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MY Brother and I are new to SC and live in Irmo near Lake Murray, we also have a cousin in Charleston. WITHOUT namimg specific places are there any opportunities in Lake Murray or near
charleston and what are some hints? are there divers in Lake MUrray? etc any info would be helpful

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Im from Aiken County and we mainly hit around Parkesville but are trying to move further North and see what we can find. I know a lot of hunters that hunt Murray and its just one of those things you got to scout your spot and just go out there. They have been so many hunters each year trying to get out there its crazy and some places we dont even try to go anymore b/c of some many rubberheads. Like opening morning for example 12+ trucks and the landing when we got there and some spent the night and one was from charleston :eek: You really need to have some private land or find some swampy stuff to get some birds. Murray is just about known for its coot population anymore. Woodies are still good sometimes its just hit and miss anymore, I dont think its worth coming from charleston really. We plan on going down around Hilton Head/Ridgeland where my buddy lives and help them out some. Just PM or post up if you need something else and I will help all I can :thumbsup:
Here is just a peek at one of our little holes with the sun setting down on the other side of the lake.
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Thanks rough :salude:
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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