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Long point is probably one of the best spots for late season birds especially divers actually it is pretty good all season. Walpole Island is also good, which is out East of you if you are looking for a spot norht of Toronto How far north do you want to go and where abouts are you coming from ? I live about an hour and a half from Toronto and have never had trouble finding birds.Georgian Bay, Lake Simcoe , Lake Scugog Sturgeon Lake , Balsam Lake,Lake Couchichng,Hullet Marsh, Tiny Marsh. Also there is some of the best Canada goose hunting around less than a hour north of Toronto. People always think you need to go to northern more remote towns to find birds I have had many of the best years of goose hunting just north of the city,the birds stay there year round and come in by the hundreds lots of giant Canadas. Contact me if you are close to the city
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