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Special draw hunts

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Here in my home state of Washington the dead line for applying for special draw hunts is quickly approaching. That made me wonder what everybody else is putting in for in your own state or out of state.
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our deadline here in OR was back in may...i should be getting my postcard in the mail soon telling me how unsuccessful i was. lol. they hold the lottery drawings on June 20th and any leftover tags can be purchased 'first come - first serve' on July 1st.
We have a draw for alligator hunts, but I'm not putting in. I am going to put in for some draw duck hunts this year. They have some pretty good shoots that are in there, it just takes a few years to get picked. :thumbsup:
I wish you both the best in your draws.
you too man, i don't have any high hopes for mine this season. I had 0 points going into my Buck Deer hunt and only 2 points for my antlerless deer tag. 2pts for a hair tag is usually good enough for a draw, but they are cutting waaaaay down on the tag numbers this year and completely eliminated another series hunt and rolled all those points into the antlerless what went from being a "every other year" tag..just turned into something alot harder to draw.

as for Elk and Antelope. i just bought points for those hunts..didn't even put in for a hunt.
gahunter said:
.... I am going to put in for some draw duck hunts this year. They have some pretty good shoots that are in there, it just takes a few years to get picked. :thumbsup:
i wish they did something like that in SC. it doesn't happen to my knowledge.
Swamp, I looked into applying for antelope in your state for last year and decided to pass do to the low odds on a non-resident. From the sounds of things the odds are not much better for residents. I ended up putting in for Wyoming with very high odds of drawing and and reasonably priced tags. It was so fun we all put in again this year and find out in about two weeks if we draw. Do you archery hunt or rifle your big game?
rifle hunt. i have a bow and have archery hunted in the past. i may do so again. the seasons are much longer and the tags easier to come by.
Did you find out anything yet swamp puppy on your draws?
yeah, there is another thread floating around here i posted it in.

i drew my Doe tag for an area close to my house. no buck tag this year.

i think i will go out with my wife and she can shoot the Doe on my tag. She'll like that and it's the same thing either way for me...meat in the freezer.
Just found out this morning that I drew my Wyoming Antelope tag. YAHOOO!!!!! :thumbsup:
:withstupid: Glad you made the cut. :thumbsup:

We don't get to register for the antlerless deer draw untill the 16th of July and won't know the results untill Sep.
congrats WA on the antelope tag. i figure i am a good 3 years away from having enough points to ensure me a hunt in a good unit.

I am buying points each season for Elk and Antelope and will wait until i can get a prime unit for them. the antelope i'll probably be able to draw in 3 more years and i'll go it on my own, but the Elk i will consult and hire a guide/outfitter for. I doubt i'll harvest an elk on an over-the-counter tag unless i just get i want that first special unit bull to be a monster. i figure i'm entitled to that after waiting for 7 or 8 years for the tag.
Thanks guys!!! Its still a couple of months away, but I'm getting real excited. We are taking over a big motorhome and a huge 5th wheel trailer. Both are set up with all the extra bells and whistles. Tv's, DVD players, nintendos, etc.. Its hard when you have to rough it like that ya know. :mrgreen:

Last year we camped in a vacant spot across the road from a truck stop out in the middle of no where, but the truck stop had showers, a restraunt, and popcorn for the nightly hunting movies in the trailer. Its a fun hunt!!!
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