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Specks flying north last week

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I live in the north east Elk Grove area and saw numerous flights of specks heading north last week. I am way off the flyway so it was quite a surprise to see these flights almost daily last week.

Anyone else notice flights like these? Are they headed back to Canada?
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I live in Elk Grove and seen and heard those flocks lately also. I agree with Spoony in that there's a Stone Lakes/So. Sac Co. flyway. It's late and I think it'll stay that way through the next years. The rice is planted earlier in the north and they'll stay and feed as long as they can. Their northern breeding areas are getting crowded and they may feel there's no rush to get up there when it's still good down here. My .02 cents. Maybe we'll get a late season speck hunt like the cak's!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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