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Specks flying north last week

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I live in the north east Elk Grove area and saw numerous flights of specks heading north last week. I am way off the flyway so it was quite a surprise to see these flights almost daily last week.

Anyone else notice flights like these? Are they headed back to Canada?
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I live east of Bradshaw off of Vineyard and that is pretty far east of those preserves. I have seen a flock of specks every now and then but to see 8-10 flocks in a week was a first.

I am also seeing more local honkers than ever before. It's a nice trend unless you are a golfer.

This time of year is great! The mallards are doing their wacky hen chasing everywhere you go. I think the local mallard population is growing nicely.

Turkeys are also showing up in area I have never seen them. What on earth is happening? I love it!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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